logo dobleDOBLE Engineering Company is the world leader in diagnostic test instruments and knowledge services to the electric power industry. Since 2006 ETS – Energie- und Telecom Service GmbH operates as local contact in Austria for Instruments, Diagnostics and Monitoring.

Since Doble Engineering Company was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1920, it has served the electric power industry by providing diagnostic instruments, services and, above all, knowledge. The company maintains the Doble Knowledgebase – the epicenter of industry research and the world’s most extensive resource library of apparatus test results and knowledge.

With acquisition of the Norwegian Company TransiNor and the German HV-specialist Lemke doble enlarged its product range. With this and the British based Doble Power Test (DPT) Doble provides important facilities in Europe.


Products / Applications:


  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA) for transformer analysis
  • Circuit Breaker Diagnostics
  • Insulation Analysis
  • Oil Materials Analysis
  • On-Line Monitoring
  • Protection Diagnostics
  • Partial Discharge Detection and Monitoring
  • Transformer Diagnostics
  • Surge Arrester Monitoring



With technical conferences, seminars, user group meetings and trade show appearances, Doble facilitates the exchange of best practices and critical knowledge. For further Information please do not hesitate to contact our specialist Mr. Martin Kerschbaum.